Around 100 billion spam emails are sent each day

After considering that almost half of the seven billion people living on earth do not have access to the internet, this is truly a remarkable, and in a sense, frightening, fact. Of course, a large percentage of these daily spam emails are sent out by computer bots and programs without any human assistance, but that doesn’t free humans from blame. We are the ones who set up these robots and computers in the first place, and we are the ones who seek “profit” at any cost.

These often obscene, inaccurate and inappropriate emails have many easily-detectable negative effects. They lead to an increase in angst and stress in humans and they cause unneeded stress on the world’s already busy internet infrastructure.

Despite the the constant efforts of email-providers like Google and Microsoft, there are no signs of spam emails vanishing anytime soon. Technological advances, you see, are applicable both ways – any new technology implemented by the spam-controllers usually finds its way into the hands of spammers, so eventually they can come up with ways to circumvent it.


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