Mobile phones today have more processing power than the Apollo 11 spacecraft

This makes one wonder how humans perfectly guided a tiny metallic capsule onto the moon from 384,000 kilometers away. There are two factors that must be considered to understand how this is possible.

The first is that the spacecraft did not need much processing power to achieve its objective. Most of the controlling and navigation of the craft was actually done from mission control back on earth.

The second factor that must be considered is that almost 50 years have passed since the Apollo 11 mission. 50 years is a long time. Many technological advances have occurred since 1969. For example, back then, a 1 megabyte storage device took a whole lot of space. But today, thousands of gigabytes of data can be stored in devices the size of your palm. (A gigabyte is 1024 megabytes). Similarly, mobile phones back then were huge. Today, a greater processing power is packed into a much smaller size.

Therefore it should not be very surprising that the Apollo 11 spacecraft had a lower processing power than most modern mobile phones.


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