You cannot fold an A4 paper in half more than 6 times

Go ahead. Try it. You can probably fold the sheet four, maybe five times. If you sharpen the edges well enough, you should be able to do six folds. After six however, the sheet becomes to small and thick to fold, no matter what you try.

Some people claim that you cannot fold ANY piece of paper more than eight times, but that simply isn’t true. If you found a piece of paper large and thin enough and you had enough time and energy to go around folding it, you would theoretically be able to fold it as many times as you wanted. Practically, however, you would face some massive challenges. The problem is that with each fold, the piece of paper would double in thickness. After 10 folds the paper will be as thick as the width of your palm. After 23 folds the paper will be around 1 kilometre long. After 30 folds the paper will be 100 km long. If you still manage to continue folding, you will pass the moon and sun at the 42nd and 51st folds respectively. Continue folding, until you reach 103 folds. At 103 folds, your paper would be thicker than the WIDTH OF THE ENTIRE OBSERVABLE UNIVERSE.

Something as thin as a sheet of paper, folded a mere 103 times. It doesn’t seem like much. But this just goes to show the amazing power of maths, and the amazing scale of the universe.


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