Russia is larger than pluto

Russia is massive. Even after the dissolution of the Soviet Union into several smaller countries, Russia is still the largest country on earth by far. Almost half of all land on earth is in Russia. It is larger than 3 continents (Europe, Australia and Antarctica) and almost twice as large as the second largest country on earth (Canada). If every single human on earth were to move to Russia, each of us would have around 2.5 square kilometers of land all to ourselves.

But all these statistics are limited to the surface of the earth. How would Russia compare to, say, planets in terms of surface area? The answer, perhaps surprisingly, is pretty well. If Russia were rolled up into a ball and released in orbit around the sun, astronomers on earth would be debating whether it should be a planet or not, since it would be larger than Pluto. (Also, with all the ice and barren land in Russia, it would blend in pretty well with other planets.)


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