The colour red makes us feel hungry

You may have noticed that the logos of several food companies, chains and restaurants are primarily red in colour. In some cases this is mere coincidence, but most of the times this is done intentionally as a marketing ploy. McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and Coca Cola all serve as examples of brands whose logos feature the colour red prominently. Marketers at these companies know that red induces hunger, and they have used this fact to their advantage. By making their logos (and several times their interior decorations) red in colour, they affect the human mind on a subconscious level. Our mind, seeing this red colour, releases chemicals that cause salivation, and induce hunger. This makes us more likely to stop/enter/sit down and purchase something. And of course, this is what the companies want.

Researchers have managed to conclude that it is not the colour red but warm colours in general that induce hunger. Also, they found that the phenomena is not restricted to humans – other animal species such as monkeys also show this phenomena. Despite the amount of research on the topic however, the exact mechanism and reason behind this occurrence remains unclear.

So the next time you see a restaurant with a red logo and you feel tempted to enter, ask yourself whether you really want to go in. Your mind could well be playing tricks on your stomach, and affecting your decisions!


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